Programs and Services

PROGRAMSReading Buddy Program – Does your child need help with their reading skills? Come and join our Reading Buddy Program where your child will be matched with a Volunteer to practice their reading along with word games. Contact your Librarian for further information.
Walking Group – Come and walk with us. Seven rounds within the Library and common area of Multi-plex equals one mile. Monday to Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. No registration required.

SERVICES: Computers – Computers are available for word processing and high-speed internet access.
                   Wireless internet available.
OTHER SERVICES:  Photocopying $0.30 / sheet, 
                                Computer Printing Text – $0.50 / sheet 
                                Colour – $2.00 / sheet 
                                Fax $1.00 / sheet to send/receive (in North America)
                                Fax $1.50 / sheet to send/receive (elsewhere)
                                Laminating Business card – $1.50,
                                                                         8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet – $2.50 
                                                                         8 ½” X 14″ sheet – $3.00, 

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership is FREE to residents of Ear Falls
                           Non-Resident Adult – $40.00 per year
                           Non-Resident Student – $20.00 per year
                           Replacement cost of Library Card – $7.00
LATE FEES:  Books, Magazines, Audio Books – $0.10 per day
                       VHS and DVD’s – $2.00 per day
BORROWING TIME:  Books, Magazines, Audio Books – 3 weeks
                                   VHS and DVD’s – 2 days
HOLDS:  If an item is “out” please go to the website to place a hold on the item. If you do not have internet please contact the office and we will place that item on hold for you.
INTER-LIBRARY LOANS:  If we do not have the book that you request, we will attempt to borrow the requested book from Inter-Library loans.