Programs & Services

Walking Group

Come and walk with us! Seven rounds within the library and common area of the multi-plex is one completed mile. Monday to Thursday from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. No registration required.

Electronics & Wi-Fi

The Public Library provides 8 computers for patrons usage, as well as iPads. Free public Wi-Fi is available, please ask for the password at the desk. A Wii is also set up with games provided for those who wish to use it.

Reading Challenge

Patrons set a goal on how many books they are challenging themselves to read in a calendar year. We have monthly check-ins to keep you on track. All forms of reading are accepted, be they paper, ebooks, or audiobooks.

Late Fees

Books, magazines, and audio books are a fee of ¢10/day. DVDs are $2.00/day. To fax, sending or receiving, it costs $1 within North America and $1.50 outside. 

Other Services

Photocopying – $0.30/page
Photocopying colour – $1.00/page

Printing text – $0.30/page
Printing colour – $1.00/page

Fax (North America) – $1.00/page
Fax (Elsewhere) – $1.50/page 

Disk repairs / cleaning – $2.00/disk

Laminating buisness card – $1.50/each
Laminating 8 ½” × 11″ – $2.50/each 
Laminating 8 ½” × 14″ – $3.00/each

Crafting Club

The crafting club meets most Saturdays from 10:30 – 12:00. Ages 5 and up with a max of 8 children per day. Registration takes place at the library.

Creativity & Personal Projects

A makerspace area is set aside within the library with tools such as a Cricut machine (and provided laptop), sewing machine, and various materials for any personal projects one may wish to use. Paint, and other “messy” substances, are stored in the back and may be requested.

Book Club

We have an active book club within the Ear Falls library that meets once a month from September – June. The books are chosen collectively by all club members & new members are always welcome. Stop by or call for more information.


Library memberships are FREE to citizens living in Ear Falls. Non-Resident Adults must pay $50.00/year and non-resident students must pay $20.00/year. To replace your library card it is a $7.00 fee.

Borrowing Time

Books, magazines and audio books may be taken out for 3 weeks at a time. VHS and DVD’s must be returned after 2 days.

Holds & Inter-Library Loans

If an item is “out”, go to the website and place a hold on it. If you do not have internet, please contact the library and we will put it on hold for you. If we do not have the book that you request, we will attempt to borrow the requested book for you using the inter-library loan system.