About the Ear Falls Public library

Board Members:

  • Karen Powell – Chairperson
  • Cheryl Betker – Vice Chairperson
  • Susan Cullen – Board Member
  • Audrey Hazelwood – Board Member
  • Cheryl Doudiet – Board Member


Copies of Policies may be requested by contacting the Library Coordinator

History of Library:

In June 1962, a dream became a reality when a committee of eleven met in the Ear Falls Public School, for the purpose of establishing a Library.
Members of this committee were: Jay Howson, Leona Farguson, Roland Morrison, Peter Harston, Kay McCallum, Keith Johnson, Sally Hall, Don Weaver and Jim Sweet.

Roland Morrison was elected Chairman and Sally Hall Secretary – Treasurer. The Library was to be sponsored by the Community Club and formed a part of the Northwestern Regional Library Co-operative as a Community Library. It was to be called “The Ear Falls District Library”.

The School Board offered the use of the teacher’s room in the public school, one evening per week, and the Library Committee members volunteered their services. It was decided that membership fees of $1.00 would be charged aged 17 and over. This would cover the costs of books as the Regional Library Co-operative would be charging $35.00 rental fees per unit of books per year. The Library thus opened to the public on September 19th, 1962 with a book total of approximately 300. The Ear Falls District Library continued on this basis until March 1967, when Allen Pepper, Acting Director of the Northwestern Regional Library System, informed all Community Libraries that they would be given free book service.

At this time Sandra Villneff was appointed as the Adult Librarian, with Ethel Scott as Children’s Librarian, and Austra Vitols as Assistant Children’s Librarian. Books were now brought in on a regular basis by the Thunder Bay Regional Library Bookmobile. New hours, consisting of 7 – 9 p.m. Wednesday evenings for Adults, and 3 – 4 p.m. Monday afternoons for children, were established. We continued operating as a Community Library until December of 1970, when acting upon the recommendations of Regional Consultant Frank Obljubek, the Library Committee approached the Improvement District of Ear Falls as to the possibility of establishing a Public Library. This was passed by Council December 29th, 1970, thus making us eligible for many benefits from the Regional Library System, including Librarian’s Training Workshops, Books on permanent Loan, Inter-Library Loans Service, Film Service, and some much needed advice by the Regional Consultants. We also received a Government Grant of 65 cents per capita to help defray operating costs, and were now responsible to the Regional Library at Thunder Bay for 757 books and nine recordings.

A new executive for the Public Library was chosen and consisted of: Chairman – Dave MacMaster Vice/Chairman – Joyce Appel Secretary/Treasurer – Vic. Roberts Other committee members were: Jay Howson, Joyce Aultman, and Sally Hall. These Committee members agreed to take turns as Librarians. Library hours remained at 7 – 9 p.m. Wednesday evenings. The first budget, totalling $1,500.00 was presented to Council and passed in the spring of 1971, Membership now totaled 17 Adults and 151 Children, and book total stood at approximately 780,

In 1971, the Council offered the permanent use of their Town Office trailer, as soon as the new town hall was completed, hopefully in the spring of that year. The Lions Club offered to provide 40 – 50 lineal feet of shelving for our quarters. In December 1971, Mrs. Krishna Singh was hired as Chief Librarian, and by January an Assistant Librarian, Mrs. Audrey Hazelwood also was hired. In February books and supplies were moved from the old premises to the trailer and the official opening planned. The opening was held March 4th, 1972 with Frank Obljubek and Karl Wahl attending from the Regional Library. The ribbon was cut by Reeve R. McIntyre, with speeches given by Colin Campbell and Dave MacMaster. Library hours were now Monday through Thursday 7 – 9 p.m. Friday 2 -4 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 – 12:30 p.m. The membership was 75 Adults and 159 Children. The number of books on the shelves totaled 4200.

In June, 1972 a much valued member, Vic Roberts, moved from our area and Pam Johnson accepted the position as Secretary. This year, 1974 our present building is again too small, and so the Library Board is recommending to Council that we move into larger quarters. With an average daily attendance of 30, and membership of 209 Adults and 410 Children, the Library is well serving its purpose. The Library Board Committee for the Year 1974: Chairman, Dave MacMaster Vice/Chairman, Joyce Appel Secretary/Treasurer, Pam Johnson Members, Joyce Aultman, Sally Hall, Ray Frank Council Representative, Bill Stastook

The Ear Falls Echo (local newspaper) dated March 29, 1978 reported that Ear Falls will soon have a new library. The Township has purchased the mobile unit which once served as the Recreation Centre at the Griffith Mine. The building will be moved in to the town site as soon as it is practical to prepare a basement or cement pad on which it will be permanently located.

The Library remained at this location for 33 years. Krishna Singh remained as Chief Librarian until her retirement on May 30, 2003. Audrey Hazelwood remained as Assistant Librarian until her retirement on April 1, 2003. Janis Lamothe was hired on May 20, 2003 as Chief Librarian. Janis was replaced by Christina Wise on August 30, 2005. Becky Bergman replaced Christina in September 2006.

In September 2011 the Library moved to its present location in the New Multi-plex at 2 Willow Crescent. At present we have over 506 patrons and 16,286 books, audio books, magazines, DVDs, VHS, 7 computers and 1 Discovery Centre.